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Here at AUT, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the castors & wheels sector. Our main focus in our business is making sure that the customer receives exactly what they’re searching for.

We provide a range of in-house services as well as ‘off-the-shelf’ wheels and castors – we understand that no two projects are the same and sometimes the pre-designed and pre-built castors on our website just aren’t what you’re looking for. From CAD/3D prototyping, field-based consultation, and complete logistics and contract support, our team can provide you with all the tools you need to create a bespoke solution that’s right for you.

As well as creating bespoke solutions for our customers, we also have an extensive range of wheels and castors for you to choose from right now – it’s quite possible that we already supply something that meets your requirements. No matter what industry you’re in, or whether you’re looking for a heavy or light duty castor, we’ve got the solution.

Our team supplies our products to many different industries – you’d be surprised at just how many industries in the world are reliant on wheels and castors to make their business operations as smooth as possible. I’m going to run through a few industries and why wheels and castors are important within them.

Wheels & Castors within Different Industries


Wheels and castors are found within the food industry on trolleys, racks and cages – they have to be able to handle a variety of temperatures from freezing cold to boiling hot. Commercial freezers can hold temperatures of -21ᵒC whereas bakery rack ovens can go up to 260ᵒC. Castors & wheels can be put into thermal shock due to a rapid change in temperature, such as removing a rack from a freezer and placing it into an oven, therefore, they have to be manufactured in thermosetting plastics, composites and epoxy resins that can cope with this temperature change. Old castors consisted of cast iron wheels that were noisy and not ideal for temperature changes.

Wheels and castors for the food industry.

Theme Parks

A more exciting use of wheels and castors – they’re used on rollercoaster rides which are becoming more and more advanced to offer better thrills. This means that castors have to become more advanced to cope with the strain of the ride on the track; they have to cope with large amounts of heat, friction and the force of gravity and momentum. Rollercoasters tend to have wheels with a steel core and polyurethane tyre, they provide strength and smooth running. It’s not just rollercoasters that feature castors in theme parks, it’s also the smaller rides and even ice cream trolleys.

Wheels and castors for theme parks and rollercoasters.


Wheels & castors are used extensively in the medical industry. They’re used on hospital beds, laundry carts, IV poles, food service carts, cleaning carts and more. They’re simply everywhere in hospitals, making sure food and supplies get to patients quickly. The wrong type of castor can cause noisiness due to having no bearings or being manufactured in the wrong tread material. It can also make carts extremely difficult to push and steer which is crucial when patients need supplies quickly. The role of castors is crucial within hospitals and the medical industry.

Wheels and castors for the medical industry and hospitals.


Wheels and castors within the aviation industry have to be able to support extremely heavy weights, they’re used in airplane and spacecraft assembly as well as ground support. In aircraft assembly, heavy duty castors and wheels are fitted to the bottom of carts which transport parts to aid in the completion of the aircraft. Ground support utilises castors in the transportation of heavy loads like baggage from the indoors and outdoors in different weather conditions.

Wheels and castors for airports and aviation.


Wheels and castors are used in the automotive industry including their use in garages for repairing vehicles and in vehicle manufacturing factories. They’re used on carts for the transportation of materials, car parts and tools. They’re also used for forklift-free initiatives to boost safety and production rate, by using a tugger cart system instead of a lift truck, accidents can be prevented.

Wheels and castors for garages and vehicle manufacturing factories.

Waste and Recycling

Ideal for waste management, wheels and castors are used in a variety of applications within this industry. Castors are used on wheelie bins, waste containers, dumpsters and more. They must be able to handle a large amount of weight and different weather conditions from typically being kept and transported outside.

Wheels and castors for waste management.


Usually placed on the bottom of chairs, sofas, tables, footrests, beds, desks, lights and more, wheels and castors are ideal for creating portable furniture. Furniture is able to be slid easily across the floor making the transportation and reorganisation of them extremely easy. Light duty castors are usually used for this application, they typically come with plastic wheels and aren’t required to support too much weight.

Wheels and castors for furniture.


Scaffolding is a temporary structure to support a work crew carrying out the repair, construction or maintenance of a building. Wheels and castors are used on the bottom of scaffolds so that it’s easy to move to the section of building that needs work carrying out on. The scaffolding with castors is usually used for smaller jobs, whereas the large structures you usually see at the side of buildings don’t need to be moved.

Wheels and castors for scaffolding.

That was a quick run through of some of the more surprising industries we supply to, other sectors include Water Treatment, Cranes/Gantries, Glass Industry, Clean Rooms/Laboratories, Pallet Truck, Conveyors & Production, Refuse Bins and Towing/Mechanical Handling. However, if your industry is not listed here, don’t worry – we can design and build bespoke wheels and castors just for you.

Most Popular Series

We have a ton of ranges to choose from, however, these are a selection of our most popular ones:

Series S84ESD
  • Medical specification
  • Nylon body with grey TPR tyre ESD
  • Ball bearing and non-marking grey thermoplastic tyres (TPE) with thread guard
  • Cleaning by wipe, disinfection possible without restrictions
  • Conductive
  • Non-marking
Series KHA
  • Thick, soft, grey TPR tyre
  • Plastic centre
  • Precision ball bearing
  • Smooth running over uneven floors
  • Anti-static / conductive
  • Ideal for medium duty applications
  • Found in: aerospace, automotive & conveyors and production
Series 65RE
  • Designed for potentially explosive areas
  • TR Polyurethane wheels, electrical resistance and aluminium centre
  • ESD sensible environments
  • Ideal for where mechanical handling is required
  • Excellent rolling resistance
  • Easy handling of heavy loads
  • Suitable for tiles and cement-resin
  • Heavy duty
  • Anti-static / conductive
Series 62ER
  • Green elastic soft polyurethane tyre
  • Ergonomic round profile
  • Bonded to aluminium centre
  • Reduces amount of effort required by operator when handling trolleys
  • Excellent performance for mechanical handling up to 16 km/h
  • Found in: automotive and lean industries
  • Heavy duty

Interested? Browse our website or contact us today for a bespoke solution or advice on the correct wheel / castor for you.