Product Innovation

Here at AUT we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of design, innovation and technical expertise.

Working with our customers

We work extremely closely with our customers in order to give them the very best products and solutions to fit their exacting requirements. We understand that no two applications are identical and therefore each project is considered unique. The process we go through to understand, specify, design, build, test and ultimately fulfil your application, is thorough and detailed each and every time.

This in depth approach has led us to designing some unique solutions within the industry. Each solution has been designed with a specific requirement, overcoming a specific challenge with a bespoke feature. We have featured some below, in order to show what is possible.

  1. Series 62/65 Ergonomic Profile

    Series 62/65 Ergonomic Profile

    Our ergonomic (round) profile range of wheels have proved a fantastic addition to the AUT range.

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  2. Series 67 (High Temperature) Ball Bearing Centre

    Series 67 (High Temperature) Ball Bearing Centre

    Our high temperature ball bearing centre protects the bore, massively reduces start up coefficient and significantly improves usability.

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  3. Series 62 and 65 Anti-static Polyurethane

    Series 62 and 65 Anti-static Polyurethane

    The build-up of static can potentially compromise the functionality of electrical equipment being transported on the trolley.

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  4. PAH and REACH Compliant Rubber

    PAH and REACH Compliant Rubber

    EU legislation means many items cannot have any more than 200mg of PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

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  5. Series 60/61 Ball Bearing Centre

    Series 60/61 Ball Bearing Centre

    Single precision ball bearings at the centre of these wheels make a huge difference to the effort required by the operator.

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  6. Non-Magnetic Castors

    Non-Magnetic Castors

    Used primarily in MRI environments, this castor takes non-magnetism in wheels and castors to a whole new level.

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