Series 60/61 Ball Bearing Centre

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Single precision ball bearings at the centre of these wheels make a huge difference to the effort required by the operator.

The additional of a single precision ball bearing to the centre of these wheels (shown below) makes a huge difference to the operator. As these wheels are only used in medium to light duty loads, and as they use a Nylon centre, the use of a ball bearing is unheard of.

However adding the ball bearing means the operator can manoeuvre at the ceiling of the castors’ carrying capacity whilst noticing little or no difference to the effort required under start-up, and rolling resistance is drastically improved. The option of a stainless steel ball bearing make these castors perfect for any application including clean rooms and laboratories.

You can see quite clearly on the video, the trolley on the far side using the ball bearing centre continues much longer than the trolley with the plain bore. This is a very simple demonstration of the benefits of ball bearing centres. As health and safety becomes more prevalent, reducing user input is of great importance.