Series 67 (High Temperature) Ball Bearing Centre

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Our high temperature ball bearing centre protects the bore, massively reduces start up coefficient and significantly improves usability.

Series 67

Anybody who has used a standard high temperature castor will know that they can be frustrating to say the least. As they are designed to work in temperatures as high as 300 degrees, the material used is hardwearing and tough, however these qualities don’t make for fantastic usability.

The other major issue is that food and other debris collects in the bore of the wheel causing the castor to seize up or squeak, making them hard and sometimes impossible to use.

The Series 67 ball bearing centre overcomes all of these issues by introducing a sealed, twin, precision ball bearing into the bore of the wheel. This protects the bore massively, reduces start up coefficient and significantly improves usability.

Moreover it significantly extends the lifespan of the wheel as the centre is protected and the axle doesn’t sit directly on the fragile resin wheel. This solution can come complete with stainless steel bearings and a stainless steel bracket when required.

We always recommend fitting these wheels in swivel (not fixed) brackets. Operator error often means the fixed brackets are pulled at 90o meaning the wheels (especially when hot) can develop a flat spot.