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We have been lucky enough to work on some of the most bespoke and demanding solutions within the industry. From offshore, full submerged applications to aerospace end users requiring 22 tonnes capacity. With over 150 years’ experience within group we are confident we can help.

  1. Technical Tyre Types

    Technical Tyre Types

    Castor tyres come in a range of materials to suit different requirements and applications. These include vulkolan, polyurethene, elastic polyurethene, rubber and elastic rubber.

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  2. Tellure Rota

    Tellure Rota

    Leading worldwide castor Manufacturer, Tellure Rota, work in conjunction with AUT to bring unique solutions to the marketplace.

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  3. Anti-Static and Conductive

    Anti-Static and Conductive

    Advances in wheel technology have seen increases in the types of anti-static wheels available. We can now offer with elastic / standard polyurethane, rubber and TPR tread types.

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  4. Cast and Injection Polyurethane

    Cast and Injection Polyurethane

    Thanks to injection polyurethane, we are now able to produce wheels with the robust benefits of polyurethane coupled with the low price of rubber. Developments in cast polyurethane have seen some fantastic new developments.

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  5. Bearings Explained

    Bearings Explained

    This is a commonly asked question by a lot of our customers so we thought we would explain the differences and the benefits of each.

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  6. Testing Facility

    Testing Facility

    Tellure Rota's test and research laboratory is a dedicated scientific search body, developed wtih the sole purpose of castor testing. We can offer a complete comparitive test on any wheel or castor.

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  7. Manufacturing / Design

    Manufacturing / Design

    We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of design, innovation and manufacturing standards. All our wheels and castors are tested to all the relevant EN standards.

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