Series ATA/E


Polypropylene light grey wheel centre
with thermoplastic conductive rubber dark grey
tread. Pressed steel castor body. Plain bearing with or without threadguards. Single ball bearing has plastic threadguards. Ideal for use in manual handling, medical centres and the hotel industry. Electrical (E) conductive resistance 103 < R <105. Anti-static (A) conductive resistance 106 <R <109

Suitable for use on different types of trolleys within the furniture and institutional sector. They can also be used on fragile floors and in presence of small obstacles. Example of recommended applications: shop display units and windows, low carrying capacity tool trolleys, supermarket trolleys.

Suitable on tiles and resin-cement; not recommended on abrasive, unpaved floors or in presence of processing residues. They do not damage floors and are also suitable in the presence of small obstacles.

Wheel Diameter Wheel Diameter 50 - 125mm
Wheel Hardness Wheel Hardness 95 Shore A
Load Capacity Load Capacity 30 - 70kg
Rolling Resistance Rolling Resistance No Data
Temperature Range Temparature Range -20°C / +60°C

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