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Global Sourcing by AUT Global Sourcing by AUT

Global Sourcing
by AUT

Global sourcing, for reliable, cost-effective supply chains.

Global Sourcing by AUT

A global network

AUT Wheels & Castors sits within GHG Group. We have spent a long time as an organisation learning about different supply routes, and building relationships in some of the key manufacturing areas such as India and China.

Whilst these relationships were initially built sourcing/manufacturing wheels and castors, the reality is that our network of contacts have capability for pressing steel, coating steel, zinc plated stainless steel, working with moulded product, such as cast polyurethane and so on.

Global Sourcing by AUT

Beyond castors: Diversifying manufacturing

Over the years, it became clear that such capabilities are not specific to the production of wheels and castors alone but are ubiquitous with any manufacturing requirement and whatever components our customer needs to produce their finished goods.

Consequently, for some time we have worked with existing customers, who already know and trust us to source a wide range of additional volume component requirements through our supply network.

The 3 key considerations when sourcing products globally are:

Speed of delivery
Product availability
Global Sourcing by AUT

Benefits to our customers

Guaranteed seamless supply chain with no hassle or headache
  • With a proven track record
  • Excellent quality control.
Global Sourcing by AUT
Ability to rationalise and reduce supplier base and bring in one large shipment rather than several smaller ones
  • With a single contract and stock system.
  • Supplied seamlessly with existing wheels and castor shipments.
Wheels & Castors
Competitive Prices
  • With a proven track record of competitively priced, quality wheels and castors, in most cases we can offer a cost saving across the board.

What we offer

Our Global Sourcing Business offers 2 different routes to our customers, depending on how involved with the process they want us to be and their specific business requirements.

Tier 1 – Fully managed service

Using one trusted supplier to source, ship, and fulfil bulk orders direct from source mitigates the risk, headache and unpredictable cost associated with managing so many moving parts.

Other benefits include:

  • Payment in local currency (GBP).
  • All paperwork completed/ submitted.
  • Guaranteed availability of parts – call it in as and when they need it, with just 24 hours’ notice.

We have a proven track record of delivering such a service for many of our clients.

Tier 2 - Hybrid (bespoke)

For businesses where this is not the most suitable route, we offer a flexible hybrid service.

If your plan is to cut suppliers/ resellers out completely and deal directly with source, we can help set this up by:

  • Facilitating introductions to the best factories for your requirement direct. Then walk away.
  • Facilitating introductions to the best factories direct. Then provide support on the ground/ hand hold until your team feels confident with relationships/ processes/ paperwork etc.
  • We can source and supply containers direct and leave responsibility and control of shipping with you.

This approach expedites an otherwise long and complex learning curve that is fraught with risk, and fluctuating cost, in a variety of currencies and ensures the creation of direct relationships that are relevant, reliable and can deliver against requirements with quality guaranteed.

For existing customers who have built trust in AUT’s pricing, reliability, quality, and customer service this has proven to be the next logical step.

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