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Polyurethane Wheels and Castors

Here at AUT, we have an extensive range of polyurethane castors and wheels, as you can see in our product range above. Each series we stock was built and designed for a different application; we have plenty of options so you’re sure to find something that meets your exact requirements.

Polyurethane Castor Features

Our polyurethane castors and wheels are extremely high quality, they were designed with features such as:

Noise reduction – many of the wheels and castors on this page are extremely quiet compared to other types. Noisy wheels can disrupt employees and make them lose focus – especially if the wheels are being used all day.

Floor protection – most of the castors we stock are non-marking and work really well on all different types of surfaces meaning that your floor is less likely to be damaged when constantly transporting equipment, tools or supplies with our castors.

Dynamic load bearing capability – with a really high load capacity, these castors are great for handling and transporting heavy loads.

Corrosion resistance – this is fantastic for industries where chemicals are used such as in laboratories, plants or in the food and drink sector.

Great grip and traction and they’re long lasting which means a lower life cycle cost.

Options for Each Application

We can supply you with either soft or hard polyurethane castors depending on your requirements. We also have injection moulded, nylon centres, statically conductive, plastic centres, special wrap around designs, polyamide 6 centres, conductive tyres, aluminium centres, elastic tyres, ergonomic round profiles, cast iron centres, electrical resistance, hybrid wheels, vulkollan wheels, steel centres, pallet truck rollers, high thickness and many more options available.

You’ll be able to quickly browse the key features of all these series if you scroll on the product and compare them to find the perfect one for your application – these features include the wheel diameter, wheel hardness, load capacity, rolling resistance and temperature range.

Polyurethane Castor Uses

There are many applications our polyurethane castors can be used in; trolleys, mobile scaffolding, tubular trolleys, AGV trolleys, containers, electrical pallet trucks, forklift trucks, tilt trucks, industrial trolleys and plenty more. The type of industry varies on which type of castor you choose. For example, our Series 36 resists extremely well to frequent washing so are perfect for industries where hygiene must be guaranteed such as the food industry. Our Series 62ER guarantees excellent performance for mechanical handling so is perfect for the automotive and lean industries. Our Series TH consists of sleek black theatre castors which are smooth running and quiet, they’re intended for static use and tiles and cement-resin but not suitable on unpaved floors. Whereas our Series 78 has excellent rolling resistance values so is specifically recommended for the food and canning industries. As you can tell, each series was designed with an industry or use in mind and they’ve all got very different features, so you’ll have to browse each one carefully to find the perfect one for your requirements.

Talk to the Castor Experts

If you’re struggling to find a series for you then you can contact our friendly team – did you know that we can design and build a unique and bespoke solution tailored just for you? We understand that a lot of the time, there’s just not an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution for your company and you don’t want to settle for anything less, get in touch with our team and we can design and build the ideal castors for you. If you think there’s a solution for you on our product page but just can’t decide then we can also advise you on the most suited polyurethane castors for your requirements. We’re happy to help and we always put our customers first.

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