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Series 62 & 65 Ergonomic Profile

Our ergonomic (round) profile range of wheels have proved a fantastic addition to the AUT range.

Series 62 & 65 Ergonomic Profile

Series 62 & 65

Our ergonomic (round) profile wheels have proved a fantastic addition to the AUT range. Developed in conjunction with Tellure Rota, they were originally designed for the automotive industry but have been used in numerous different applications since.

Predominately for manual handling applications, the round profile allows the user a 26% reduction in force to manoeuver a stationary stillage when under load.

As health and safety plays such an important role in what we do, this reduction in possible injury, such as RSI, provides a huge benefit to the user and the company.

Additional variants

Further, the developments to the round profile range have seen a number of variants. We can now offer a series 62 Elastic Rubber tyre (75 Shore A, great for mechanical handling and uneven ground) or a series 65 Standard Polyurethane Tyre (95 Shore A, great for manual handling and even ground).

We have also developed both series with the options of Aluminium or Nylon centres, creating yet further diversification and options for the applications.

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