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Series 65ER

Cast Polyurethane Tyre With Ergonomic Round Profile Bonded To An Aluminium Centre

The round profile reduces the start-up coefficient when the castors are positioned at 90° from the line of movement and therefore reduces the amount of effort required by the operators when handling trolleys.Combined with appropriate brackets they guarantee excellent performance for mechanical handling up to 12 km/h. Typical usage: automotive and lean industries.

Wheel Diameter

125 - 250 mm

Wheel Hardness

95 Shore A

Load Capacity

450 - 1000 dAN

Rolling Resistance

250 - 300 dAN

Temperature Range

-20° / 80°C

Ergonomic Castors
Polyurethane Wheels and Castors - AUT

Industries featuring Series 65ER

AUT Wheels & Castors supplies many different industries, you’d be surprised at just how many industries in the world are reliant on wheels and castors to run business operations smoothly.

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