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Series 75

Polyurethane Pallet Truck Rollers With Steel Centre

Excellent for use on electric pallet trucks, also in case of heavy loads and high speed handling (up to 16 km/h). Their excellent values of rolling resistance make the manual handling of heavy loads easier. The model with electrowelded brackets allows handling heavy loads while maintaining a low centre of gravity.

Wheel Diameter

80 - 85 mm

Wheel Hardness

95 Shore A

Load Capacity

400 - 1000 dAN

Rolling Resistance

150 - 400 dAN

Temperature Range

-20° / 80°C

Ergonomic Castors
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Industries featuring Series 75

AUT Wheels & Castors supplies many different industries, you’d be surprised at just how many industries in the world are reliant on wheels and castors to run business operations smoothly.

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