Series Option Solid Stem or Expander


Designed to optimise handling of tubular trolleys and perfect for use on modular trolleys. Can be combined with wheels with bolt hole swivel bracket with diameter from 80 to 125mm and it is suitable for assembly on tubes having diameter from 20 to 24mm. Proposed with series 60, 61 and 71. We recommend fastening the product with expansion stem to the tubular structures with adequate tightening torques. Insufficient tightening torques can jeopardise the overall carrying capacity and/or stability of the product. The torques must be compatible with the thickness and mechanical resistance of the tube in which the product is used. The recommended carrying capacities and maintenance cycles relate to brackets with expansion fastening secured with fastening torque of 40N/m. Fixing through expansion stem is subject to adjustment during use: we recommend periodically checking its fastening. The product is subject to an initial adjustment during the first days of use; control cycles may be subsequently foreseen based on the periods indicated on the Use and Maintenance Guide.


Can be fitted to the following series

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