Series 72NS


• They are made with a centre of technopolymer with fibreglass tread with a special rubber that has a hardness of 82 shore A, high temperature resistant and certified “for food”
• These wheels ensure complete protection of floors and a total absence of noise, resistant to most chemicals, oils and animal fats
• The operating temperature range is from -40°C to +240°C for short periods
• Load capacities had been tested at ambient temperature

Suitable for use at temperatures from -40°C up to +240°C. Particularly suitable for intermittent use in baking ovens (maximum permanence at 250°C is of 30 minutes, with subsequent period of resting of at least 30 minutes, at room temperature). They have excellent elasticity features and guarantee an easy overcoming of obstacles on uneven flooring also; compared to high temperature solid wheels, they allow significant noise reduction. They are combined with brackets and axle components specific for high temperatures; all wheels are also fitted with threadguards. Not suitable in the presence of obstacles along the path or on delicate flooring.

Wheel Diameter Wheel Diameter 100mm One Size
Wheel Hardness Wheel Hardness No Data
Load Capacity Load Capacity 80kg
Rolling Resistance Rolling Resistance No Data Available
Temperature Range Temparature Range -40°C to +240°C

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